Why MIMS ?

We recognize your immediate dreams, hopes and anxieties.

• Will I be able to make a name for myself?
• How do I fathom the complex world?
• How do I leapfrog ahead in this economy?
• When will I start earning big?

Our Programmes will offer you solid solutions to these questions you may be struggling with. They will help you develop into that dream personality that you have always strived for. And this happens not by overnight magic, but through sheer dedicated smart work, over the entire course duration.

Our answers to the above four questions are the defining features of MIMS Programmes.

Defining features:

• Strength of character
• Broad intellectual understanding
• A lifelong network of contacts
• A great starting job

The fast moving industry sector needs more operational level managers at entry level positions to take care of the dynamic internal and external business situations.

Keeping in mind the industry need, at MIMS the teaching and training provided makes the students capable of handling operational level problems in various disciplines of management such as Agribusiness Management, Retail management, Marketing, Biotechnology and bioinformatics, Supply chain Management, International Business, Business Law and so on...

The students passing out from MIMS are required with

1.Intellectual Excellence
2.Holistic Personality Development.
3.Communication and Interpersonal Skills
4.Team work and Leadership
5.Project work and systematic presentation.
6.Problem solving skills for innovative work culture.
7.Ability to work under pressures from internal as well as external business factors

The strategic intent of MIMS is to be the deemed university in decades time.

MIMS is going to be among top 5 B-Schools in India as far as management is concern but apart from this we have this vision to launch graduate and advance Agriculture courses, Biotechnology and bioinformatics graduate programme, Food processing labs, Plant tissue culture projects in North Maharashtra.


Mission of MIMS is to provide resourceful candidates to industries and society.

We have design the course module as per industry requirements. We want to give our students the world class business training with practical approach which they will be earning thru national and international internships.

Quality Policy

The quality policy of MIMS is to endorse and maintain useful learning. MIMS will contribute to the development of elegant society through unbiased access and broadening involvement in higher education.