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About Leadership:

MIMS is headed by Young and Dynamic Leadership of Mr. Nitin Patil (MBA from IIMS Pune) who trusts in innovation in Education Systems and imparts it in his own set up. He is a person who is willing to welcome the changes and brings the international quality in his execution.

Prof. Nitin P. Patil

Executive Director's Message
Global Entrepreneurs & not employees

Welcome Dear student, to our world, to experience "Motion".

A small extra efforts adds up in greatness and we have done the same with our students. Giving them all small extra inputs in academics has made them industry ready professionals. We at MIMS are concerned on Quality Education & Industry Exposure. Our students have already experienced a flavor of real estate industry working with Reputed and listed builders in India.

Now, they are ready to explore Dubai!! Hope we oblige you with assets for your industry!!

I realized that if we could bring all our experience, learning, contacts and good intent together to create a comprehensive transformational programme that lifted the students to a different plane of understanding, involvement and joy, the students would be lapped up by a grateful industry and MIMS would surely grow to be counted among the nation's best institutes.

We believe in producing "Entrepreneurs" and not the employees.

Welcome to new world of knowledge and global education.

Best wishes,
Prof. Nitin P. Patil
Executive Director

Ms. Shailaja Patil

Education and Business
Global Entrepreneurs & not employees


Dear Students,

Commitment, Imagination, Forming Winning Teams are core competencies of my Students. We have invested in building great work attitude and troubleshooting habits are acquired by all my students. They are full of Passion for Real Estate as their career & with all their energies, positivity and innovations ready to explore international real estate market at Dubai.

We request Dubai based Entrepreneurs to serve us a chance to offer best of our learnings, motives for your organizational growth. You shall find your future VPs-CEOs in our Students.

All the Best,

Ms. Shailaja Patil