5 reasons why an industry-relevant MBA is very important.

June 23, 2020

Hello everyone.
Have you guys completed your bachelors and are confused about deciding your career path, whether to go for an MBA or not? Don't worry you have stepped into the right place where we will guide you in the right direction and then you can decide whether to go for it or not.

So what is a career? For most people career is something that is concerned with employment and for some, it would be creating the best resume to earn more money. But does this suffice the actual meaning of career which plays a major role in your life?

Well I say, "Career is taking decisions with right education and implementing what you learn from that education to achieve your endeavors and make yourself independent and a better human being." And if you are preparing to enter the competitive business world of today then choosing an Industry Relevant MBA is the first and most important the decision which you need to make.

Before we discuss "Industry Relevant MBA" let us understand how is it different than "Regular - Traditional MBA Courses". And what was the need to invent "Industry Relevant MBA"

Earlier MBA was limited to titans. Candidates who had their own set of business used to obtain for it for better understanding of Business Operations & learn decision making by understanding aspects of Businesses and Support Systems. Later those who needed to apply for managerial roles started applying for MBA they were students with prior work experiences of more than 3 to 5 years! But since last 2 decade MBA has become one of the Career Option where everyone comes apply and seek managerial positions and it has increased the number of MBA students and caused in lesser jobs with below average quality of students. Because a lot of colleges and Universities started offering MBA with no change in syllabus, no change in offerings, with no study of changed dynamics for current market. In the flow of inviting applications, they completely forgot that "Industry Relevant MBA" shall be introduced with market research. Where dynamics of any business can change by just 1 small change, I wonder how these Universities and Institutions have sustained with same decade old syllabus. Post COVID they seem to continue with same old thing where market will struggle with existing pattern of business!

Here ADITUS takes an opportunity to introduce "Industry Relevant MBA" in the form of following specializations

  • MBA in AI & Blockchain
  • MBA in Construction Management
  • MBA in Digital Marketing
  • MBA in Facility Management
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Interior Designing
  • MBA in Microfinance & Banking
  • MBA in Real Estate Management

AI Blockchain, Machin Learning, IoT, Digital Marketing, Construction Management, Healthcare, Real Estate, Microfinance, and Banking Industries are few of best and promising industries which are in flourishing phase-in spite of COVID Pandemic Impact and it and shall create lakhs of jobs in a year or two. To nurture these industries ADITUS takes and opportunity
to design Industry Relevant MBA which shall enhance the quality of students and make them market-ready. Let's discuss the 5 basics but the crucial reasons for, "Why to choose an Industry Relevant MBA."

  1. Strategic Thought Process.
    Studying MBA makes your thought process work strategically. As a cognitive activity, it produces a thought process which makes you think out of the box and develops unique applications of business insights and creates a competitive advantage for you. Every Company out there is competing to make a place in this market and requires people who can carve Better Strategic Plans. And who knows you might be the right person to fit into once you are done with your MBA.

  2. Flexible Managerial Skills.
    It helps you to develop leadership skills and if you already have one than doing MBA makes you a better decision making the person with your managerial skills. It helps you in, how to create a wide range of network making connections and partnerships. Keeps you stay financially strong and adaptable in this competitive market which thrives on the time and dependability of the exchange of goods and services. It helps you to interpret the difficulties faced in business & its development and how you overcome these difficulties. The skills you
    develop in your MBA makes you more vigilant towards the ability to handle the pressure that today's modern business world is having.

  3. Communication and personality development-boosting your confidence.
    In my opinion, business is about people. Whatever it may be the product or the service, end of the day it comes to people and when it comes to people it needs communication. Without proper communication, it is next to impossible to convey your services. MBA teaches you the same and being a better communicator gives you the advantage of analyzing the needs of the people and finding unique and innovative solutions for those needs and requirements. This helps you to create a better version of yourself. Thus developing your personality and boosting your confidence to achieve your future endeavors.

  4. Entrepreneurship.
    Well, if you Google 'Entrepreneurship' it says "The activity of setting up a business or businesses and taking up financial risks in the hope of profit" Again it comes to business and an MBA that to an industry-relevant will make you more aware of the up's and down's hence
    creating a better mind for making the right business plans, innovations and venture capitals.

  5. Higher Demand and Higher Salaries.
    According to the annual survey report by GMAC there is a 90% demand for MBA graduates from India in AI Blockchain, Machin Learning, IoT, Digital Marketing, Construction Management, Healthcare, Real Estate, Microfinance and Banking Industries. The survey suggests that companies will pay up to 84% more. Salaries paid to an individual with an MBA has a drastic hike compared with those having other degrees and in fact, shows a significant difference holistically in said fields. This is where ADITUS shall make difference in MBA offerings, specializations and employment opportunities. We certainly want to be first choice by Employers and students. ADITUS should bridge the GAP by creating what is required and what is available.

I hope this would have cleared a picture for you. At last, I would like to quote what Late Mr Abraham Lincoln said, "Be sure you put your feet in the right place and then stand firm" because once you have evaluated all the aspects you can make a right decision and lead a prosperous life.

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