Engineering with Plus at ADITUS Solution for Bright Engineering Career

June 7, 2020

I am sure after passing your 12th exams and waiting for status from government on entrance exams a lot of thoughts might be passing through your mind. Your parents must be equality concerned and worried about your future. You must be attending online lectures to cover up and keep yourself prepared for JEE Main, BITSAT, MET, VITEEE etc. When classroom teachings fail to clear the concepts during lectures attending online classes and trying to understand whole new concept with problematic network, breaking voices, speedy delivery of teachers and other technical barriers in an ample challenge.

After clearing any Engineering Entrance exam, the big challenge is to select Engineering stream and college or university. We ADITUS are group of educational consultants and through a widely conducted research we have come to conclusion that except IITs and few other premium engineering colleges 90% of colleges and universities teach you outdated syllabus which is not at all required by the industry. This is the reason lakhs of Engineering Graduates are unemployed in India! Below are some research figures:

Tech industry now requires skills like machine learning and data science, things that are way beyond the vast majority of desi engineers, the findings underline.

But that's not all. "Only 1.5% - 4.5% of engineers possess the necessary skills in data engineering, while only 2.8% - 5.3% are qualified in wireless technologies. These figures pale compared to the percentage of engineers (5.5%) that are qualified for basic programming," it says.

As if these numbers are not shocking enough, the real unemployability figures are even more horrible. For data sciences, the number of the employable stands at only 50% - 60% of these numbers (or 1.5% total) when we factor in other skills such as cognitive and language that are key for career success.

How have things come to this pass, and is there any way out of this pathetic state of affairs? The survey sheds ample light on the first part of the question: "Engineering education is mainly theory-based. Only 40% of students perform internships while only 36% undertake projects beyond their required coursework."

The survey hits the nail on the head when it analyses the reason behind this annoying lack of ability. "Students are trapped in a college bubble. They have little industry exposure. Only 47% of students attend industry talks. Sixty percent of faculty do not discuss how engineering concepts apply to industry."

So, will the future be any better for Indian engineers who join the jobseekers' queue in millions every year? Will this get even worse with time when COVID-19 has changed and challenged all the facets of our life?  How about funds for Engineering & Higher Education which is again seems like dead investment in mid of 2020.

"These issues can be addressed by a mix of counselling programs and technology including Artificial Intelligence. Tools that help students assess their skills, find company matches and prepare for interviews will come in very handy," the survey points out. This all can be done with ADITUS alone. How?

ADITUS has joined hands with few reputed colleges and universities in India to modify their courses by merging AI & Blockchain, Application Integration Specialist, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data & Its Applications training with BE/B.Tech Computer & IT we call it B.Tech/BE Plus.

You will be surprised to know that when you join ADITUS immediately after your assessment you are provided with preplacement offer letter. Every Engineering specialisation will be followed by 8 months of deputation with multinational companies. Once you complete your deputation this Pre-Placement Offer will be converted in Final Placement Offer. 90% of your fees will be funded by our own NBFc and Banks you are not suppose to pay it yourself nor you are supposed to connect any banks for education loan. If you do not get placement after completion of course we shall simply wave off 50% of your fees*. B.Tech Civil will be offered with plus of Construction Management or Facility Management. This will straight away open the gates for all Engineering Graduates with Aditus to fetch opportunities in management and will fast forward their career growth by 5+ years.

The programme BE/B.Tech Civil with plus of Construction or Facilities Management aim to create management leaders especially trained for the construction, infrastructure industry in the areas of Business Development, Site management Project Management, Planning & Estimation, Project Finance, Procurement, Designing etc. This combination shall enhance the employability quotient of students and make them market ready for great packages. A lot of premium institutions charge more than 5 Lac for 2-year construction management course. Wherein Aditus shall combine it with BE or B.Tech save 2 years and lakhs of Rupees. Similarly B.Tech Mechanical will be offered with plus of Construction Management or Facility Management or Interior Designing - MEP

Mechanical & Construction go hand in hand with civil construction in all infrastructure projects. Both have many common technical, Project Management and Business-related functions. Responding to industry shortage we have created course suitable for Mechanical Engineers as well. Today, the only thing that has changed is what they create. With new, lighter and stronger materials to work with, and greater challenges to be met, there is no limit to what Engineers can achieve. They build towers, bridges, roads, railways and tunnels; airports and mines; dams, ports and harbours; water supplies and sewerage schemes; and irrigation systems and flood mitigation works. In fact, any infrastructure that's required to run our modern society needs the input of Civil & Mechanical Engineers along the way. In addition, the Mechanical Engineers are also contributing in a big way. B.Tech Electrical / Instrumentation /E & TC will be also offered with plus Facility Management or Interior Designing - MEP

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