How to get assured job placement before starting your MBA?

May 4, 2020

Yes! you read that right! Placements even before joining the MBA course! This difficult time might have brought a lot of questions in your mind related to your higher education, career and most important RETURN ON INVESTMENT! Is it worth spending on your higher education? is it worth investing 2 years and lacs of rupees and have no assurance of Jobs?

Since almost a decade we operate a few Management Institutions and we are very well aware of problems of students and we decided to create an Ecosystem which will nurture the lives of students and help them go for their dreams without worrying about any hurdles caused by COVID-2019 pandemic. Here we are providing you with the best possible solution to all your problems in the form of ADITUS! ADITUS is a technology and an Ecosystem which connect students to their Employer, Faculties, Sponsors, Institutes, Investors and Friends.

Here connecting is not limited to a platform where we bring everyone together but it is fashioned, operated, executed and monitored by ADITUS.  Aditus has its own colleges and universities which offers multiple Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses including Engineering, Commerce, Management and Science. Whoever takes admission in any of the courses including MBA & PGPM Offered under Aditus will be first Hired, will be Given Preplacement Offer and then Trained. Yes! We herewith Aditus have Hire and Train module. Every student admitted in any course will be given Pre-Placement offer starting from Min Rs 350,000 till Rs 600,000 per annum. This is the first time ever in India this kind of opportunity is made available for the students to get benefited and to encourage them to peruse their dream of higher education without depending on their parents for their educational expenses. How is this possible? Preplacement offer worth 3.5 till 6 Lac per annum even before joining the MBA, without depending upon your parents for educational expenses! It is just a 5-step process.

All you have to do is go to Play Store & download ADITUS or Sign Up register at and fill the basics and follow the procedure.

Let us understand the process here


ADITUS has created a selection procedure, unlike other selection processes which just evaluate you on the score of your aptitude tests. The selection process with ADITUS consists of Aptitude test followed by Audio test followed by Video test.

To pass the assessment you will have to clear all 3 levels. Immediately after clearing the assessment your scores will be displayed as pass or fail.


All 3 stages of assessments will be given the credit of 50 wherein the Aptitude test will carry a weightage of 10 Audio test & Video test will carry a weightage of 20 each. Unless you clear Aptitude test you can not take Audio assessments and unless you clear Audio test you cannot take Video Assessment. To pass the assessments your consolidated min score has to be 10 out of 50. Having a good score in the assessment will lead you to higher packages, so make sure you score well. Passing the test indicates that you are employable. Entire evaluation is technology-based and there is no human interference in evaluation at any stage.


If you fail the test you can take 2 more attempts and if you pass the test you can select the College, University or Institute from the list and your specialisation for MBA or PGPM course. In case of any queries on colleges or specialisations, you can consult with our "Career Experts" by calling them or talking to them using Chat feature on App. Getting yourself consult before choosing the course and institute is suggested because we provide 24 plus specialisations with plus factors to every course which is actually a game-changer in today's scenario. The specialisations offered are new, advanced and in demand globally.

Downloading Pre-Placement Offer

Upon selection of course and institute, you can actually download your offer letter with a package of Rs 350,00 to 600,000 per annum. These packages will completely depend on your score in assessment.  Packages and positions offered will be as follows:

11 to 20Associate4,00,000
21 to 30Sr Associate4,50,000
31 to 40Assistant Manager5,00,000
41 to 50Manager6,00,000

Here comes your pre-placement offer letter before joining MBA or PGPM! Just by following a simple procedure on ADITUS. Take a test, clear it and download your offer! You do not need to pay us the complete fees until you complete your course and convert your Pre-Placement Offer in Final Placement Offer. How? Keep reading for further updates in your benefits.

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